Friday, March 9, 2007

Thursday, the new Friday

I have decided that Thursday should officially become the new Friday. I rather enjoy Thursdays. Yesterday, I went to a movie in the middle of the day. Granted all new movies come out on Friday, but you miss the rush. You see the movie in a very non-crowded theater, all the hype has died down and you get to just enjoy the movie. Besides, movies don't start until around 11am so there is plenty of time to get into the office, turn your computer on, log into chat, do a little work and sneak out for and early lunch. By the time you return all the people who take a late lunch are just getting back so nobody really notices you've been gone for 3+ hours. You do a few more thing around the office and then, its time to head home. Besides, Thursday night has the best TV....My Name is Earl, The Office 30 Rock (a show that if you haven't watched, you definitely need to check out because Alec Baldwin is hilarious!!) and a new show to come (March 15) Andy Barker, P.I. but you can preview it now at Now, if I could only do something about getting the work week to end on Thursday so I could play all day on Friday. Today's Flavor: Caramel Cashew


mandy said...

Aren't you a contractor? That means you can make an executive decision to take every Friday off!

megan said...

Thursday is so the new Friday. Has been for months. I mean, I don't get to go to matinees or anything. I'm just saying Thursday nights have outranked Friday nights for a while now. Television and other-wise.