Monday, March 19, 2007

Going Postal

Apparently there is a reason why the expression "going postal" is so appropriate and why the USPS makes you become that way. I need to purchase some stamps today which seems like an easy task. However, crazy postal worker just couldn't let it be so easy. I need to mail 38 items, so I purchased 2 sheets (20 stamps per sheet) of stamps. After waiting in line for 35 minutes to purchase my stamps (if you want a great job the USPS is where it's 3 customers, take a 15 minute seriously that's how they operate in Orem, Utah) He questions me about purchasing both sheets of stamps. You see, rates are going up May 6th and I had better use up all of these stamps by then because "we won't take them back." That's right folks, the USPS won't accept returns on postage. And, it seems, I must use up all my 39 cent stamps before May 6th (since they still offer 1 and 2 cent stamps to increase the amount of postage) Even after explaining that I was mailing 38 items, he still questioned my intentions with wanting 2 sheets of stamps. You gotta love the service you get from the US government! Flavor of the Day: I have no idea

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