Tuesday, March 6, 2007

FATCO.....it's more than a state of mind

Having to go to work everyday just isn't as much fun as unemployment. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my real estate office is right next door to a First American Title (FATCO). Since they are constantly marketing to real estate agents...we bring the clients that purchase the title insurance....there is an inter-office agreement. Their fridge is constantly stocked with various beverages (diet Coke, Dr. Pepper) and they make freshly baked cookies daily in their little Otis Spunkmeyer over and we are allowed to just help ourselves. There are not always fresh cookies (but my title rep, who happens to be my brother) has told me that I can steal cookie dough from the freezer whenever I want. So here I sit, between meetings, drinking a Dr. Pepper, eating a cookie and perhaps, getting a little heavier. If I'm not careful, I'm going to become "FATCO". Today's flavor: Key Lime Pie

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