Sunday, June 22, 2008

fresh herbs

Check out the yummy fresh basil and rosemary I got at the Farmer's Market. I'm so excited to cook all summer long with fresh herb.

munchkin time

I've been terrible about updating my blog lately. I figure better late, than never. So, here are a few pictures of some of the munchkins.
I love how much Lula (aka: Lyssa Lou) likes having her picture taken.
I think Gavin is the fattest baby. I love it! And, I love those chubby cheeks.
Brookie, Gavin and Lula. They sure do love their baby brother.
Brookie and Gavin.
Of course, Meggie had to get in on the action. OK, I think Lula insisted that she get a picture with Meggie!


I have been looking for an apron for quite some time. Who knew I should have been looking at the Farmer's Market. Check out the cutie by Victoria White & Co. I purchased.
I love the "old fashion" look to the fabric.
I think the pockets are my fav. I love the pom-pom and the red polka dot fabric.
I really like attention to detail. I also love that she says her designs are for you to use now and to pass down to the next generation. When I'm in the market for another apron, or want a gift, I'll definitely check out her designs. If you don't live in the SLC area, check out her Etsy shop here.

Friday, June 20, 2008

looking forward to...

I'm so excited for the farmer's market in Salt Lake. I love fresh, locally grown produce. I'll definitely be checking it out throughout the summer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

who doesn't love a parade?

Saturday was Summerfest in Orem. Because my pops is currently driving the "clown car" we got to be in the parade. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera. But, Brookie and I did get to poke out the sun roof and wave at all folks watching the parade. I even saw a few people I knew. Even though I'm all grown up, I have to say, I love being in a parade! It reminds me of summers in Snowflake, AZ and being in the Pioneer Day parade.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer please!

It's June and there is actually snow falling (and sticking) in the canyons and mountain areas. I'm ready for 90 degree weather.

Friday, June 6, 2008

drive smarter

With gas prices the way they are, couldn't we all use a break? Check out what you can do to improve fuel efficiency and save a little money here. You might even lessen your carbon foot print. Originally seen here.

Happy Friday!

What makes Friday even better?
Cinnamon rolls from Kneader's. Thanks David!
And, homemade Texas Sheet cake. Thanks Nate!
It's a good thing I worked out extra hard at the gym this morning! Yum-O!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

To my adoring fans

I am fully aware of the lack of blogging on my part. Let me apologize. I promise to post more soon. Love, Me