Thursday, October 22, 2009

why today is awesome

  1. When I arrived at the gym today, there was only one other person there and the TVs had yet to be turned on. This allowed to turn on all the televisions, and turn them to this.  It only lasted for about 15 minutes before people showed up and changed a few of the TVs, but those 15 minutes were a great way to start my day.
  2. I  am wearing a skirt that I haven't been able to fit in for almost 3 years. (It's amazing what going to the gym regularly and eating Oreos as 3 to 5 cookies being a serving {instead of 1 to 2 rows being a serving} can do for increasing your wardrobe.
  3. I'm wearing these cute boots.
  4. And, I'm one day closer to this
Let's just hope the rest of the day follows this trend.


Amy said...

you look hot today :) and I haven't even seen you.

mel said...

I'd like to think I do :)

dragonb said...

I was almost positive that 1 row of Oreos was a serving if you dipped them in milk. :(

(on a side note, I've lost almost 20lbs in the last month)

mandy said...

cute boots! and since when has a serving of oreos been 3-5 cookies??

jenhatch said...

YOU weren't able to fit into one of your skirts? I don't believe it!!

And thanks for all of the links - I had to use my mouse like 10 times to just get your thoughts. ;)