Friday, April 11, 2008

What kind of sister am I?

Last night, I went to dinner at Market Street Grill in South Jordan. Our waiter was cute and seemed like a lot of fun. After finding out that he was 27, I determined that I really wanted to introduce him to my sister. Fortunately, he was very willing and even wrote her this note: How cute is that? I think my date thought me a little odd and couldn't believe I would do this. However, my motivation comes from a good place. I think Meggie is an amazing person; she does say, "I'm Megan, I'm amazing" and she's always right. She's beautiful, smart, talented, very creative and training for her first half marathon. (If you doubt me, check out her second blog here) She deserves a great guy! And, if I have to set her up with people I've just met, then I will. And, if nothing else, she'll make a new friend.


hanner said...

I love Meggies too. I'd totally date her.

jenhatch said...

You are an AWESOME big sister! That is so cute that he wrote that note for her... she has GOT to call him!! He won't be disappointed!

And maybe even more importantly, how was YOUR date!?!?